2FSW 016 Solar LED Portable Lamp

It has been widely used at outdoor activities


Product Scopes

It has been widely used at outdoor activities for the area where is lack of electricity also can charge cell phones and other 5 V output of digital products.

Descriptions & Advantages

The Solar Panel is light and high efficiency. 
LED Light can be adjusted brightness according to needs.
USB Output and DC Output
Multi applications
Working time: 8 hours max (full charged)
Colour: orange, blue and grey 


The Solar Panel Flexibel Monokrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
Power of Solar Panel 3 W
Output Voltage 3.3 V
Output Current 1 A
Dimension of Solar Panel 140 mm x 140 mm x 3,5 mm
LED Main Lamp  
Level power  The first: 0.5 W, the second: 1 W; the third: 1.5 W
Battery 3.7 V / 4.4 Ah
USB Output Voltage 5 V
USB Output Current 1 A max.
DC output Voltage 3.7 V
Solar charging time About 6 hours (Standard Test)
Dimension of the Lamp 165 mm x 163 mm x 48 mm
Weight total 450 g