2FSG 167 Integrated Solar LED Street Light

Ideal für die Beleuchtung von Parkanlagen, öffentlichen Plätzen, Gärten, Wohnsiedlungen, öffentlichen Straßen und anderen ähnlichen Anlagen


Product Scopes

It has been widely used in gardens squares, residential areas and urban & rural roads. etc.


Solar Panel:             C-Si Solar Panel and the lifespan is longer than 15 years.
Battery:                    Special for Solar Battery
Light Source:           LED is characterized by high luminous efficiency, high brightness, low deprecation, long life etc.
Controller:                Remote Control, light Control, Time Control, anti over discharge and short-circuit resistance
Work Time:              light Control automatically.The LED light turns o at the dark and working at full brightness -20 Watt for 20 seconds when sensing someone passing by.
                                At lower brightness – 5 Watt when nobody passing through is sensed.


Solar panel flexible monokirstalline Silizium Solarzellen
Power of the Solar 30 W
Battery Capability 10,8 V/18 Ah
Power of the Light 20 W maximal
Color Temperatur 3000 – 6000 K
Size 826 mm x 300 mm x 45 mm
Wind Resistance 27 m/s
Last for Rainy/Cloudy Days 2 – 3 days